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Welcome to Kearse Media Solutions

If you have arrived here frustrated after trying one of those 'free' web design sites or after trying to muddle through doing your own site, then you've found the right place. As you know by now, nothing of value is ever free. We have years of combined experience in the publishing and web programming fields, and offer you a website done from scratch the old fashioned way. A lot of thought will be put into your design to give you a distinct look that no one else will ever have. Your site will be easy to navigate, and you can give as much input as you want. Web and print design and the professional tools used to create it takes a very long time to master, so save yourself some time and headache and hire someone who knows how to do it the right way - us. We are a very small and honest company, and we will give you the price up front with no gimmicks and no hidden charges.

Web design is far from all we can offer. We can also design and produce a company brochure or promotional packet for you, help you publish your book, photograph members of your congregation and put together a church booklet, photograph your family, event or your Seniors' graduation if you are local - all with exceptional photo retouching.

Whether you need a web presence, a promotional package, or both, Kearse Media Solutions has what it takes to provide you with high end, professional service at less cost to you up front than most.

We can take your existing web site and make it work for you, or we can create a new one with your own personal look. We also provide you with reliable and headache-free web hosting at a low monthly cost.

Brokers and Real Estate Agents, we are now able to provide you with IDX (internet database exchange) solutions which work directly with your MLS to help generate new leads for your properties. Encourage your site visitors to sign up for property email updates and track the properties they're watching.

You shouldn't have to know everything (or anything!) about building a web site in order to get the job done. Come to us and we will give you the best in creativity, service and attention to detail at the best price on the market! Just call or contact us.

Kearse Media Solutions has the expertise to custom design your logo and all your promotional materials, including ads, letterheads, business cards, brochure, and websites. We also specialize in photography, magazine and booklet design and publishing.

With our professional photography, superior graphics and targeted copywriting, we know how to drive clients to your business!

We have 30 years of proven experience in the Publishing, Marketing, Photography and Printing fields. If you need prepress work ready for the printing press, we will prepare the job quickly and efficiently for much less than you would normally pay, and with no hassle.

If you need specialized art, photography or even an unusual project, we will provide you with a consultation and custom quote for free.

Kearse Media Solutions can also help you get started with a social networking system. If you use Facebook or Twitter, your company should be there too! Never underestimate word of mouth advertising!

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